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Turbo Alternator BAE-14/28

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Cessna 206
Cessna 206

Piper PA32
Piper PA-32


Effective March 1, the price of the BAE-14/28 kit will be $2595.

Characteristics Model 2025
Size (not including mounting frame) 7.5 in. high
8.25 in. wide
8.50 in. long
Weight 6 lb.
Volt Output, reg 14/28 Vdc
Current Output
@150 kt IAS
12 amp @ 28V
18 AMP @ 14V
Price (plus shipping) $2,595.00

2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

The Basic BAE-14/28 Auxiliary Power Supply is a manually deployed, air driven, emergency electric supply for small aircraft.

The unit is capable of supplying electric power to drive a basic complement of flight critical instruments. If a primary electrical system failure should occur, the pilot deploys the miniature turboalternator. The flight can then be continued to the intended destination, or terminated at a convenient airport under more casual conditions.

The TurboAlternator is a true stand-by power supply. In the event the aircraft loses its total electrical system the alternator will still function. The unit is self-exciting, thus it will work in the absence of the battery.

The alternator was designed to be retrofit or original equipment on most small aircraft. Particular efforts was made to optimize the power output in the minimum package size and weight. The latest technology materials and techniques are used to achieve the high performance at a reasonable cost.

The appropriate installation kit is included to reduce installation time and cost

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