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Dear Ron,

This follows up my telephone conversation regarding the upgrading of my BAE 14 Stand-by-Alternator and my relating to you how pleased I was with the unit and its service. Since I had the unit installed some 4 years ago, I have had two occasions to use the BAE 14. The first was while transporting my three grandchildren and I had an alternator failure within 10 miles of my destination airport. Upon initiating the unit, full electrical power became available and I was able to land without any difficulty or interruption. My PA32-301R is equipped with a full radio and navigation package including two Nav's, ADF, DME, a Garmin 155 GPS, Century Auto Pilot, Stormscope, and an electrical stand by vacuum There was no difficulty at all in normal operation of all equipment in use.

I had a more recent incident while in route from Hilton head SC to Naples FL in IFR conditions. One hundred miles fiom Naples I again experienced and alternator failure and again initiated my BAE-14. Again all instruments operated normally. I notified ATC of my condition and that I had a back up source and proceeded along under their eye to my destination without any interruption. When the alternator belt in Naples was being replaced, the maintenance supervisor inquired about the unit. Two days later he informed me he had two individuals who were so impressed they were planning to purchase such a unit.

After I had purchased my unit another Saratoga owner approached me and wanted to see the unit. He later purchased one and within a few months informed me he had also experienced an alternator failure ( one of the problems with the narrow alternator belt on a Saratoga) enroute to Washington National at 15,000 ft. in IFR conditions. He reported he landed at National without any incident and when he was unable not have repairs completed at National decided to return to his home base airport using the BAE 14 as his electrical power source. He, like me is very thankful we had the BAE 14.

I think the BAE is one of most practical needed, and economical additions to my Saratoga The peace of mind I have flying in IMC conditions as a result of knowing I have an alternate electrical source cannot be measured in dollars. I am gratefUl to you for your BAE-14. Thank you.

Michael Znachko


I have been saved twice now by your alternator in my P-210 the first was about five years ago on a flight to Denver from Memphis when 2 hours out on a VFR day I was able to run the essentials in the panel to my destination and pumped down the gear for a non eventful flight. Over this year's New Year holiday 2009 I was having intermittent main alternator problems and after multiple recycling of the electrical system damaged my standby alternator. I called you up and told you of the problem and you turned my unit around in a week and made some upgrades and I installed it for the trip home from Florida (a 5-1/2 hr trip). About 2 hrs into the trip my main alternator went on the fritz and I engaged the standby alternator for rest of the trip home, I was able to run the entire panel as well as my computer off the lighter and the unit held the voltage at 26 V the only load I shed were the lights and the air conditioner. When I got to my destination I had plenty of power to lower my landing gear. I fly IFR to minimums and with an electrical failure and no backup it could be a very uncomfortable situation. I am very happy to have your product and appreciate your desire to keep your customers happy and safe.

Thanks again,
Jack Goodman


I installed one of your Turbo Alternators about 3 years ago in a 74 Cessna 206 that we use primarily for aerial mapping. I deploy the unit for testing each 3rd month when near home base; it always checked out satisfactorily.

Last week we were mapping in White Plains, NY. As we headed home to NH, I advised ATC of an alternator failure and that I was shutting down electrical to deploy back up. We were able to continue flight for two (2) hours with all avionics including MX 20 with traffic display. Very pleased to have proven this unit in a real situation.

Wayne J. Kelloway, LLS, CP, Pres.
Eastren Topographics


I have been very pleased with your BAE-14 in my C206. I have deployed it at least 3 times over past 4 years – most recent this past weekend.

As a sequel to my prior experiences with alternator loss – last SA I was on first of 5 sites for aerial mapping photos when alternator (or regulator) went down. Initially feared day could be lost and we are in the season (NH) that snow any day can cover jobs for months. Not wanting to lose the day, I shut down alt & deployed aux turbo. I watched EDM for voltage and shut down multi Function Display / Auto Pilot / Trim / Comm 2 / Beacon – this allowed us to use a large format (9” wide film) camera that has several 28V (after inverter of 14V) motors and shutter plus drive cables. We went on to do remaining jobs for 2½ hrs and with a little adjusting of electrical load to maintain about 12.5V such that flight overall was highly successful.

Wayne J. Kelloway, LLS, CP, Pres.
Eastren Topographics


On July the 4th weekend this year, four excited souls departed from Jackson, MS heading to Santa Fe, NM in our Piper Turbo Lance. Less than an hour into the flight, we lost all electrical power and immediately deployed the RAT (Ram air turbine). I was to say the least shocked because I had just installed a brand new alternator just a month prior to this trip. We were not overly concerned since we had made the decision to install a RAT a couple of years earlier and it worked as designed and ran our instruments successfully. We landed at Shreveport, LA and had a couple of hours maintenance and we felt that our problem was corrected.

We flew to Santa Fe with a fuel stop in Abilene with everything working fine until 20 miles from Santa Fe the alternator stopped working again. Again we deployed the RAT and we flew right on in to airport without incident.

While in Santa Fe, we again had maintenance on the alternator thinking that this time we would finally get the problem resolved. We departed Santa Fe on the 4th heading back to Abilene for a fuel stop. Approximately 10 minutes out of Santa Fe, we again lost all electrical power. We were very frustrated that this problem was still with us. My copilot looked at me and pointed toward Jackson and said lets keep on going. We deployed the RAT, now having confidence in its ability to keep our electrical system running. We also knew that it would be next to impossible to find mechanics on the 4th of July.

We continued our journey all the way back to Jackson with a stop in Abilene with the RAT fully deployed. Everything worked perfectly well. A friend in an A-36 Bonanza was with us on the trip and was so impressed that he purchased a RAT when he got back to Jackson.

We would highly recommend a RAT to anyone in today’s world with so much dependence on avionics and the battery power that runs them.

Our congratulations to Ron Cox at Basic-Aircraft for designing a fool proof, simple instrument that gives us so much redundancy!

Yandell Wideman
Jackson Aviation, Inc.


I have about ten hours of wonderful (necessary) usage of your alternator in my 1980 P210N.

Loss of alternator belts flying IFR and ferrying the airplane back VFR to my home base has taken a lot of risk out of flying.

Thanks for your support when needed.

Jim West